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GoriziaAt the end of the Second World War, as a result of that disastrous conflict, Gorizia suffered a division, just like Berlin, by the imposition of a border dividing the city into an Italian part and an Yugoslavian part; at the end of the Cold War, Gorizia and Nova Gorica were never restored as a unified city; it is not difficult to walk in the Piazza Transalpina freely with one foot in Italian territory and the other foot in Slovenian territory. Gorizia, with its medieval castle, and its medieval streets perfectly preserved, is a true gem—in its center, the medieval, baroque and 19th century architecture stand harmoniously side by side. The city also offers to its visitors an interesting panorama of the events of the Great War, and its provincial museums offer an important archaeological collection, also not to be missed is the Museo della Granda Guerra (the Museum of the Great War) and the Sacrario militare di Oslavia (the Military Memorial of Oslavia), which house the remains of 57, 200 fallen soldiers from the First World War.

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